Miami Beach Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal

Did you spill your breakfast coffee? How about that glass of red wine with dinner? If your carpets are generally clean but you have just a spot or two from a spill or stain, Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning stain removal service may be just right for you.

The Spot Cleaning Process

If your carpet needs to be cleaned in one specific area, we offer stain removal and spot cleaning treatments in Miami Beach and all of Dade County. First, we begin by evaluating the stain. Based on what type of stain or spot you have, we will recommend a cleaning method.

Once the size, source, and nature of the stain has been determined, we will either steam clean or dry clean the spot. The dry cleaning method involves applying a proprietary cleaning agent to the stain which emulsifies and breaks it down. Next we buff the stain away.

If our technician determines that the affected area requires steam cleaning, we will proceed to set up the equipment and pre-treat the stain. We use special solvents for ink, rust, blood, coffee, and more. For pet stains we use bio-enzymatic treatments, and for greasy stains we use a citrus-based deep cleaning solution.

Steam Cleaning

The use of steam to clean your carpet is the most efficient way to clean your carpet, This method uses  high temperature steam to eliminate any type of stains, spots, dirt, dust or any unwanted particles from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately Stains can be caused from many things such as pets, food, water, mud,and many more. Trust our certified technicians to clean these stains and give you the clean and refreshed carpet you rightfully deserve.

Commercial Cleaning

Our skilled service technicians use Eco-friendly solutions to ensure the removal of stains and odor. We use specially formulated enzymes and peroxides to deep clean these stains. We also sanitize and deodorize the treated area so it’ll have a refreshing scent.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

Calling a professional steam cleaning company like Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning can save you time and money in the long run. Some people try to clean their carpets with household chemicals. This can actually damage your carpet, cause discolorations , and unsightly light/dark spots. Trust our well trained and professional technicians to do the job right. With many years of experience our technicians can quickly identify and solve the problem you might have with your carpet. The use of steam to clean your carpet is truly the best and most efficient way of carpet cleaning, For the steam and pressure penetrate all the little crevices of your carpet. This method uses steam and pressure to eliminate any type of stains, spots, dirt, dust or any unwanted particles in your carpet. It is imperative to call experts such as Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning to professionally clean your carpet.