At Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning our technicians are certified in water damage restoration and remediation services. Our team is available Sunday through Friday to take your calls, answer your questions, and schedule appointments. Same day and after hours emergency service is available. Don’t let water damage sit and cause secondary damage like mildew, and don’t let dirty water sit on your carpet and cause irreversible stains. Call Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning immediately after water damage has been discovered for best results.

Whether the damage comes frome clean water, chemical water, or sewage water, Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning is certified to handle all types of water damage remediation. Also, we place specialty carpet blowers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers in strategic locations to mitigate any secondary damage that may occur as a result of the initial spillage. Call us immediately to have your home or office restored before any damage becomes permanent.


The first step in any water damage cleanup job is to address any safety concerns like water near electrical power and areas of slip-and-fall potential. After all the standing water is removed, Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning also addresses health concerns by mitigating dangerous organic growth from secondary damage. Call us today for more details on our equipment and placement techniques that keep you and your family or co-workers safe.


Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning uses the industry leading technology for water damage restoration, which is a powerful truck-mounted vacuum. Our truck mounted system sucks water out of your home or office and whisks it away to the wastewater tank in our truck outside. No heavy equipment is brought into your home or office. Wastewater is safely disposed of at our facility. Call Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning today to speak with one of our water damage restoration experts.


Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning services the tri-county area, from Miami all the way up to Palm Beach.

Local Miami Beach residents may qualify for a special discount. Eligibility is for customers residing in the following Zip Codes: 33109, 33132, 33139, 33140, 33141


Water damage restoration can be difficult to do for an untrained and unequipped individual, That is why all of our technicians are well trained and certified to deal with these problems. Water damages can cause stains and odor, That is why you need to call us Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning.

miami beach water damage

Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning uses the most efficient and reliable equipment to deal with water damage restorations as well as for any other service we offer. Some equipment we use for water damage restorations are our dehumidifiers and air blowers, these equipment are used to control and maintain the humidity and air flow around the treated areas to insure no bacteria and mildew grows.

Water Damage Restoration

Our Emergency calls services are available twenty four hours six days a week to insure the safety and efficiency of our work. Upon arrival and inspection our skilled technicians evaluate and identify the problem, inform you the costumer and if approved our workers will get straight to work to refresh and clean the affected areas.