Area Rug Cleaning Miami Beach

Area Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes and are made from different materials. At Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach we specialize in all types of area rugs. Antique rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Synthetic rugs, Wool rugs, Cotton rugs, and more! The longer you wait to clean your beautiful area rug, the long the stain has to set and permanently damage your carpet fibers. Call us today to discuss the best cleaning method for your type of area rug. We offer steam cleaning, gentle-hand washing, and low-moisture dry cleaning.


At Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach, the specially trained experts know what type of cleaning method to use for your specific Area Rug. For instance High quality wool area rugs must be hand washed, while less expensive synthetic area rugs can be steam cleaned inside the home in most cases. Don’t risk damaging your area rug by spot cleaning it yourself or using a rental. Household cleaners can cause light spots on your rug, and rented machines can cause water damage. Don’t pay extra to have a damaged carpet restored.

We always inspect labels to determine the manufacturer suggested cleaning directions. If there are no directions or if we determine with the client that the area rug needs a special treatment, we proceed with one of our standard or specialty cleaning methods. For delicate and natural rugs, we apply a pre-conditioning treatment and hand-wash your area rug with room-temperature pH balanced water. We then carefully wring the water out with specially-designed rollers and hang-dry your carpet. No matter what shape or size area rug, Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach offers free pick-up and delivery.


If your beloved household pet has an accident on an area rug or carpet, call us immediately. If pet stains sit for too long on an area rug the stain may set and permanently discolor it. Also, uric acid crystalizes and binds to carpet fibers when it dries which makes it much harder to remove. The sooner you call Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach to treat your pet-affected carpet or area rug, the easier it will be to remove the stain and odor. Call us today and ask about Free pick-up and delivery on all area rugs. We also offer a 100% Odor Removal Guarantee.


Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach has an expert staff that can repair most types of damage to area rugs. We can re-fringe your rug with one of over two-dozen types of fringes. We can also repair cuts and rips and replace backing on all types of rugs.

Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach also sells cut-to order Opti-Mat ® Rug Padding.The right kind of padding is very important for your area rug and extends its life and cleanliness. Padding cushions your rug to make it more comfortable to walk on and keeps it from slipping on the floor. Second, padding acts as a barrier to humidity, moisture, and dust, absorbing it so your area rug doesn’t. Third, padding absorbs spills or pet stains so they don’t sit inside the carpet fibers and cause more permanent damage.

Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach also offers discounts when you clean your padding and your area rug at the same time. Call us and ask about padding pricing and special Padding & Cleaning deals.


Miami Beach Carpet Cleaning services the tri-county area, from Miami all the way up to Palm Beach.

Local Miami Beach residents may qualify for a special discount. Eligibility is for customers residing in the following Zip Codes: 33109, 33132, 33139, 33140, 33141

Area Rug Cleaning

Our certified, skilled and well trained technicians greatly care about your satisfaction. We will clean ,refresh and improve the look of your oriental rug whether it is a Persian, Indian, Afghani, Pakistani or any other area rug you might have.

Area Rug

We clean all types of area rugs, including synthetic fibers. Ask if steam cleaning is right for your synthetic carpet and save time and money.

Area Rug Pad

We also offer rug padding. Rug padding is essential for any rug no matter the shape or size, Rug padding is used to eliminate shifting and or slippage you might have with your rug. This padding can also increase the life of your rug by protecting it from rubbing and getting damaged from friction caused by foot traffic.